D-Mannose Market Expected to Grow at a Steady CAGR by 2022


Chicago, IL — (PRESS RELEASE JET) — 09/29/2017 — D-Mannose is an easy stereoisomer and six-carbon sugar of glucose and occurs naturally as a monosaccharide or simple sugar in fruits like cranberries and blueberries along with several other plants and fungi. Mannose may assist in supporting and maintaining healthy urinary tract by lumping adhesion of unfamiliar particles to the host tissue surface. In addition, the capability of mannose in order to get absorbed by the upper gastrointestinal tract as well as not easily getting exchanged into glycogen for storing is a favorable factor which helps in leading to rising popularity of D-mannose that proves to be an efficient pre-biotic agent.

The report tracks the major market events including product launches, technological developments, mergers & acquisitions, and the innovative business strategies opted by key market players. Along with strategically analyzing the key micro markets, the report also focuses on industry-specific drivers, restraints, opportunities and challenges in the d-mannose market. The scope of this report covers the d-mannose market by its major segments, which include the types, applications, and the major geographic regions.

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Regionally, the global market for D-Mannose is fragmented into Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. Among these, North America as well as Europe region is anticipated to be dominate leader in the global figures in the years to come followed by Asia Pacific region. Rise in the no. of local market players in Asia Pacific is projected to need maximum procurement of d-mannose products in these regions. Asia Pacific is projected to become dominant player in the market for d-mannose globally during the forecast period, with the region’s considerable CAGR contributing to the sturdy growth of the animal feed and nutraceuticals industries in the region.


This report analyzes the d-mannose market by the following segments:

D-mannose Market, by Type

1. Powder
2. Tablet
3. Capsule

D-mannose Market, by Application

1. Dietary Supplements
2. Functional Food
3. Pharmaceuticals
4. Animal Feed
5. Others

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