Exscudo Successfully Launches EON Blockchain Testnet


Exscudo team is extremely excited to launch EON blockchain testnet today. Finally, after months of hard work, coding and internal testing, Exscudo has launched the public testnet.

Tallinn, Estonia, October 13, 2017 —- EON is a flexible new generation blockchain technology created by Exscudo to gain independency from the third-party developers. It addresses typical blockchain problems of low transaction per second bandwidth and extensive memory usage by the whole blockchain platform. EON is the fuel that empowers the whole Exscudo ecosystem, enabling integration and proper functioning of all services within a joint network.

Testnet is the early version of EON blockchain. Exscudo developers already did the internal testing, but a lot still have to be done until the launch of the main net. Public testing of the blockchain functionality is another important step in the building of EON platform. As Exscudo already mentioned, testnet will have several stages. Now is the first one, and the starting functionality available for the users is limited to transactions testing.

Exscudo wants to encourage more users to participate in the testnet. Take a chance to experience the innovative blockchain technology today!

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