Growth Opportunities With Empire Essential Group


Press Release updated: Sep 29, 2017 09:00 CDT

Empire Essential Group team members are really stepping up to lead and grow the company. They’re heading to various conferences for professional development and networking opportunities. 

Growth opportunities abound for hard-working team members at Empire Essential Group. Recently, associates Kelsey B. and Samantha M. traveled to Dallas, Texas for an industry conference. “Both team members are getting an exciting chance to see the bigger picture of our company’s goals and getting to take advantage of networking opportunities,” said Empire Essential Group Director Laura M.

“Samantha, for example, has really been stepping up and leading by example. She is a hard worker and proves every single day that she is a top account manager,” continued Laura. “She’s also working hard to build up other individuals and help them develop professionally. I know Samantha will take the professional development that travel to this conference affords and bring back new energy and ideas to our office.” 

“This business really has a culture of promotion. We support each other in our professional goals, no matter where we are located, so getting a chance to connect in person is really empowering.”

Laura M., Director

“Kelsey goes above and beyond to make my life easier,” shared Laura. “She has visions for where she sees Empire Essential Group going in the future. It’s exciting to work with someone who is inspired by what we do and has a long-term investment in our industry.” 

“I used to attend this conference as a representative and found a lot of inspiration,” added Laura. “This business really has a culture of promotion. We support each other in our professional goals, no matter where we are located, so getting a chance to connect in person is really empowering.” 

Travel to Conferences Promotes Professional Development for Empire Essential Group Associates

Empire Essential Group associates are given opportunities to travel to national conferences as a means of fast-tracking their professional development. Between the keynote speakers, panel discussions, training sessions, and excellent networking, attending a conference is an effective way to gain a diverse perspective of different topics. Bringing all this information back to the home office and sharing it with the rest of the team solidifies the experience. 

The team works hard for the opportunities presented by travel to these national conferences. In going to Dallas, Kelsey and Samantha will not only network, they’ll get a chance to be inspired by some of the top thinkers in the industry. “It’s an empowering experience and, by looking around at the people who are there from across the nation, you can see that your goals are possible. All it takes is consistency and commitment,” shared Laura. 

About Empire Essential Group

Empire Essential Group has earned a reputation as a leader in dynamic marketing solutions for the Columbus region. The firm’s team creates potent outreach campaigns that influence buying decisions. The team crafts messages based on key demographic research to personalize brand experiences. Their commitment to ongoing training ensures that they wield the most up-to-date techniques to stay ahead of marketing trends. This team’s superior knowledge is matched only by their passion for getting results. As such, the companies they represent receive a distinct competitive edge. See what they’re up to next at ​


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