Top Five Robotic Surgery Companies – a Blog on the Top Enterprises Specializing in Robotic Surgeries


LONDON–Infiniti Research, a global conglomerate specializing in offering strategic intelligence solutions, has launched their recent list blog on the top five robotic surgery companies that are changing the future of medical surgeries.

Doctors depend on information from books on human anatomy, diseases, surgeries, and health. But during the surgery, precision depends on the expertise of the professional performing the surgery or operation. Robotic surgery allows the doctor to perform a variety of surgery with higher flexibility, accuracy, and control.

According to the robotic surgery experts at Infiniti, “Robotic surgery is widely used in minimally invasive surgeries as it can speed up recovery times.”

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Infiniti Research is a global market intelligence company offering market insights to help predict market disruptions, analyzing competitive activity, and developing intelligent business strategies. Here are the top robotic surgery companies.

Top robotic surgery companies

  • Intuitive Surgical: An American company involved in the development and production of medical robots that improve the patient outcomes through minimally invasive surgeries.
  • Hansen Medical: Hansen medical is one of the top robotic surgery companies based out of Silicon Valley, California.
  • Medrobotics: Based in Massachusetts, this company recently announced to expand into general surgery and build next-generation robotic system.
  • Visit our thought leadership page, to view the complete list of the robotic surgery companies

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