Mind Map Inventor Tony ‎Buzan Announces New Direction


Tony Buzan, best selling author on the Brain, Inventor of the mind enhancing technique of Mind Mapping and adviser to corporations, sporting bodies and governments world wide, invites all former and current TLIs (ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructors) to apply for new accreditation as Buzan Accredited Trainers. Such accreditation and certification will be granted automatically and at no cost to appropriate and approved applicants, many of whom Tony Buzan has himself personally trained.

Tony will also be launching his exclusively endorsed Buzan Mind Maps in electronic computer program format. For further information on Tony Buzan’s fresh range of upgraded activities, please go to his new website: www.tonybuzan.org.  

Tony Buzan’s future activities will continue to embrace teaching Mental Literacy to the children of the world, as well as accrediting new trainers in Leadership and Communication, Genius, and thinking techniques, such as Memory, Speed Reading, IQ, Creativity, and Mind Mapping. In addition, he will be expanding the outreach of Mind Sports World Championship which he originated, in those same areas of endeavour and expertise.

For interviews, articles, lectures, presentations and consultancy, please contact at Tony Buzan HQ on: [email protected]

SOURCE TonyBuzan.org

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