New Maven Report: Why Investing in Return-to-Work Benefits is a Billion Dollar Opportunity for Companies


“Returning to work after maternity leave is a crucial part of women’s health that folks are just beginning to grapple with in a serious way,” says Kate Ryder, Maven’s Founder and CEO. “Having served companies for two years with our return-to-work program, Maven is committed to continuing to deliver best-in-class care in this area—and drive this important conversation forward in a meaningful way.”

Report highlights:                                          

  • Replacing an employee who leaves after childbirth can cost anywhere from 20% to 213% of an employee’s annual salary.
  • The AAP concludes that for every dollar employers invest in developing lactation support programs, they will see a 200% to 300% return.
  • Untreated postpartum depression can make women more vulnerable to depressive episodes later. It is the main reason why women on maternity plans with limited coverage have a 14% greater risk of depression later in life than women on maternity plans with complete coverage.
  • A small company with 11 new moms that hasn’t invested in good maternity benefits could stand to lose over a million dollars a year, while a big company with 4,000 new moms could lose over a billion dollars in just seven years.                                                   

Read the full report here:

About Maven:  
Maven is the digital clinic for women, giving on-demand access to its proprietary network of best-in-class women’s health practitioners via video or private text. Maven operates both an on-demand consumer marketplace in addition to its family benefits platform, Maven Maternity, which offers clinical programs around fertility, prenatal, postpartum, and return-to-work. Maven has helped over 100,000 women get care, and works with employers with as few as 200 and as many as 200,000 employees. Maven was founded in 2014 by Katherine Ryder and has raised more than $15m.


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