Veamcast Takes Video Email to a New Level


GULFPORT, FL – 09-11-2018 ( — Veamcast Corp, Gulfport, Florida, Monday August 10, 2018

Veamcast is video email and more!

Veamcast today announced the availability of their video email client in the Microsoft store. The free software allows users to record and send video email with just the press of a few buttons. It also allows for recording or attaching audio, video or other files and grouping them into channels.  When viewed in the app, they play quickly at the best quality available, without annoying stream buffering, because they synchronize in advance.  Users not running the app can view the messages online on the Veamcast web site.

Veamcast provides for simple, fast, time shifted voice/video communication and collaboration as well as a super simple way to publish, consume and monetize television style channels.  

It’s excellent software for vloggers, real estate agents, managers, educators, recruiters, reporters and anybody else who would like to communicate verbally, visually and effectively with nearly no effort.  It’s ideal for sending holiday and birthday greetings with a very personal touch.  The tile based graphical user interface is so simple to use that even small children and senior citizens can exchange video and voice messages with no learning curve.

“People find speaking easier, more natural and less prone to misunderstanding”, Veamcast founder, Joe Dean asserts.  “Our software has the potential to make online communication easier, faster and more fun”.  

The premium version of the software allows users to control their own advertising and links. Youtubers can import their channels and better monetize their content with highly targeted ads. It’s a great tool for promotion of any kind.

The software can be downloaded at   Inquires can be directed to [email protected] or by calling +1 (310) 593-4485.

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Company Name: Veamcast Corp
Full Name: Joseph Dean
Phone: +1 (310) 593-4485
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