2017 CRCC Cup Master Grand Prix a Great Success in Chengdu


CHENGDU, China, Nov. 28, 2017 — From November 3rd to 5th, the 2017 CRCC Cup Master Grand Prix was held in Chengdu. The top-level equestrian competition was launched in Chengdu for the first time, during which fantastic moments were captured. It injected new energy into the development of sports in Chengdu, thus becoming a highlight for the city. Equestrian sports have been highlighted in the national policy multiple times and are now taking shape in Chengdu.

An Epitome of Local Culture

2017 CRCC Cup Master Grand Prix a Great Success in Chengdu
2017 CRCC Cup Master Grand Prix a Great Success in Chengdu

As the equestrian jumping competition, the highest level and the largest scale held in Southwest China, the 2017 CRCC Cup Master Grand Prix attracted a cohort of top-notch Chinese equestrians, including national champions. The Competition was also favored by the Olympic champions from German, Italy and Luxembourg.

“I wasn't expecting such a full house during the three-day event. The audience was perfect,” said Liu Tongyan, a renowned Chinese equestrian. The attention from the local citizens and their good manners went high above the expectations of the players. According to the sponsor, thousands of people attended the scene and millions of netizens watched it live.

To the surprise of the players and guests, Chengdu is no stranger to equestrian sports. The sportswear of royal polo athletes in Tang Dynasty was made using Shu embroidery, and some remnants of Shu embroidery suits were found along the ancient Silk Road. At that time, the military commissioner and Chengdu official Guo Yingyi also organized a female polo team. Having heard about the story, the German champion Eva Portser said she would visit Chengdu again as a tourist even when no game is held.

The domestic and overseas guests were very pleased, a testament to the charm of the city. Chengdu has already host many international meetings and sports events, including some very important equestrian events. The International Equestrian Forum of West China, the Chengdu Dubai International Cup and other relevant events served as engines for the promotion of equestrian sports in Chengdu, igniting passion for fans and the general public. Equestrian sports, known for being graceful, continues to catch on in Chengdu, it manifests the pursuit for better life by the local people.

Chengdu, inheriting the Ba-Shu civilization and also developing its own culture, is now devoted to building itself into a World Cultural City. Every time an international game is held, the influence of Chengdu will rise. The 2017 CRCC Cup Master Grand Prix, taking root in Chengdu and touching the Southwest as well as the rest of China, has become a vital carrier for the promotion of the city. As reported by Chinese and foreign media, “Chengdu is never short of labels. The full acceptance of the equestrian culture and the internationalized atmosphere will become the most outstanding label of Chengdu.”

Integrate Power of the Government and Enterprises; Enhance the Development of the Nation via Culture and Sports.

Equestrian sports are considered an integral part of the development of the Chinese culture and sports for being international, professional, social and well marketed. The 19th CPC National Congress report spells out that “it is necessary to provide spiritual food for people to meet their new expectations for beautiful life”, and “it is critical to extensively carry out mass fitness program so as to speed up the building of sports power.” Reports from the 13th Chengdu Municipal Congress of the Communist Party of China also mentioned  Improving consumer service, going with the tide of industry and consumption upgrading”, “Accelerating the construction of a renowned city to hold international games”.

The successful host of the 2017 CRCC Cup Master Grand Prix in Chengdu marks a breakthrough for the community of equestrian sports: in the development of equestrian sports and the operation of equestrian competitions, how we can adhere to the industrial law and motivate both government and enterprises, intending to provide various products and service to meet the needs of the public, and realize the professional operation of the games and the sustainable development of the market.

The game was fully supported by the Chengdu Municipal People's Government in terms of public services. The relevant departments provided sufficient and efficient government assistance, including the approval of the game, site disposition, security measures, transportation support, quarantine for the animals, medical assistance and fire safety.

The industry insiders noted that the jointly held competition by the government and enterprises discovers the key point in the innovative institute of government and makes use of the limited public resources to serve industrial operation projects with both social and market value. Chengdu, with an open and inclusive mindset, practices a new pattern of sports: held by enterprises and supported by government, which demonstrates the courage and determination of Chengdu to build itself into a World Sports City.

The practice by Chengdu forms the positive interaction between the government and enterprises. Standing at the point of industrial innovation and joint city construction, the two sides blaze the new trail for the integrated development of city culture and industry, serving as a model for the innovative development of sports in Chengdu and west China.

The practice strengthens the “hard power” in the rise of sports consumption, social employment and economy industrial upgrade; at the same time, since thehorse culture” traces back to Qing Dynasty, the development of modern equestrian sports are also one kind of the return and improvement of this culture, which is a way to enhance the “soft power”. As a new first-tier city, Chengdu, with strong “hard power” and “soft power”, is striding ahead on the path to a national center.

Shoulder Great Responsibility as State-Owned Enterprises, Benefit the Lifestyle for Chengdu People with Wisdom.

As the sponsor, China Railway Real Estate Construction Group (CRCC) Southwest China Branch shoulders the responsibility as a SOE on the Fortune 500 list. It fully makes use of its integrative resources and drives the development of Chengdu's sports.

As the documentary Power of The Corporations says, “corporations are likely the most powerful economic organizations. A truly successful corporation may contribute more to promoting the development of a country and human culture.” This is the lofty meaning of a modern corporation and, the responsibility of a SOE.

In the pursuit of a role as “an operator of city comprehensive development”, CRCC, with the total asset beyond hundreds of billions, contributes to not only constructing national “artery” like Chengdu-Kunming railway, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, to building rail transit and social ecology in major cities, but also to forming city culture, lifestyle and other parts of energy and spirit.

Especially after entering the new era, against the backdrop of the “Belt and Road” and Yangtze River Economic Zone and other strategic opportunities, the level of position and plan of cities' development in west China rise to an all-time high. The capital inflow, demand increase and in-depth internationalization will fuel the need for individualization, quality and diversification.

CRCC West China Branch embraces the new era, unearths rich culture connotations, discovers the co-existence between human and nature, respects the advanced system of human habitat, provides customized life and pursues the new pattern of extreme craftsmanship so as to bring a more comprehensive and well-rounded high-end lifestyle. By doing so, they can enjoy life that is healthier, safer, more harmonious and wealthy.

Meanwhile, with the original goal of supporting overall development of Chengdu and implementing national strategies of “National Fitness” and “Healthy China“, West China Branch, pools synergy to meet the culture demand of people living in Chengdu, enriches the city cultural ecology and injects new energy into city growth.

Our influence transcends beyond Chengdu and sweeps across the world. CRCC West China Branch will continuously improve the operating skills of modern new-type cities and comprehensive city services.

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SOURCE China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (CRCC)

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