Ab Turn 360 Is Making a Bid to Kill the Crunch on Kickstarter


Torrance, CA — (PRESS RELEASE JET) — 09/27/2017 — Traditional ab exercises like crunches and sit-ups have recently come under fire from some fitness experts, including sources at Harvard Medical School, for putting too much stress on the neck and spine. A California engineer, Dr. Hui Yan, has invented a possible answer, and it is inspired by a simple hula hoop motion.

Dr. Yan’s Ab Turn 360 offers a new way to work the abdominal muscles—and the rest of the body—from a comfortable, upright position. The device bills itself as a (literal) revolutionary new movement in fitness.
The key to Ab Turn 360’s patented design is an automotive-grade coil spring. The spring allows users to engage their core muscles from a standing position with variable resistance. The further a user pushes on the spring, the harder Ab Turn 360 pushes back. This allows users of many fitness levels to achieve a useful workout on the same machine.
Ab Turn 360 will be available at a significant discount for early backers via Kickstarter through October and will be released to the wider public in 2018.
You can see the machine in action here.

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