Attorney Jeffery Robinette Helping People Combat Post-Injury Depression

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Your way of life changes, so the things that you were once able to do, you can’t do anymore, or maybe not as well, or you’re limited in the activities that you were once able to do.

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Holiday depression affects millions of Americans. Furthermore, this depression can be significantly compounded if coupled with an injury.

“It’s been my experience that people who sustain an injury that causes long-term pain often become depressed,” said personal injury attorney Jeffery Robinette, founder of the Robinette Legal Group, PLLC. “Your way of life changes, so the things that you were once able to do, you can’t do anymore, or maybe not as well, or you’re limited in the activities that you were once able to do.”

To help people break the cycle of pain and depression post-serious injury, Robinette, who has a Superb 10.0 Avvo rating, lists the following three tips:

No. 1: Seek appropriate medical treatment. Seeking evaluation and counsel from a specialist is imperative. “Alternative treatments such as chiropractic and massage therapy may provide relief that conventional medical treatments have not been able to provide,” added Robinette. “When you have less pain, you may be able to think more clearly and focus more on exercise and reaching out to others. If you can eliminate or cut down the amount of medications needed, you may become less sleepy and more energetic and able to exercise.”

No. 2: Seek the help of a good psychiatrist. Chemical intervention may be required to kick-start one’s brain into feeling better so that the patient can work on exercise and the physical aspects of regaining health.

No. 3: Tell yourself the truth every day. One programs his or her own thinking by what that individual reads, listens to, and silently believes and repeats. “Affirm in your own mind every day that you are a valuable human being with much good to contribute to the world and those around you,” concluded Robinette. “Fill your head with positive thoughts, positive images, or a positive quote of the day. Spend time each day developing your spiritual life and draw from the strength that relationship provides.”

About Jeffery Robinette, Robinette Legal Group, PLLC
Jeffery Robinette is a National Board Certified Trial Attorney who has an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell. He represents individuals who have been seriously injured or killed due to the irresponsible acts of an individual or company or have suffered financial losses due to property damage or professional malpractice. Robinette Legal Group restricts its practice entirely to litigating cases such as motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, defective product injuries, injuries to children and premises liability injuries. For more information, please call (304) 594-1800, or visit The law office is located at 211 Everhart Dr., Suite 200, Morgantown, WV 26508.

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