Carthage Management Group Reveals Exotic Travel Destination


Carthage Management Group's top producers will soon be enjoying the chance to soak up some sun in the Dominican Republic. The firm's President discussed the importance of being healthy while traveling.

Press Release updated: Dec 29, 2017 09:00 EST

WILMINGTON, MA , December 29, 2017 – “I’m proud that we can offer these incredible opportunities to see the world to our hard-working associates,” stated Zack, Carthage Management Group’s President. “Not only do they make excellent rewards, they are ways to help our people grow while they get the chance to relax away from the office.”

Relaxation is certainly on the menu with the latest excursion that was announced – an all-expenses-paid weekend in Punta Cana, a beautiful port city in the Dominican Republic. While there, qualifying team members will enjoy the company of other industry leaders from across the globe, sharing best practices and building their professional networks. Carthage Management Group executives will also be invited to a prestigious awards ceremony, where noteworthy achievements from the past few months will be recognized. 

“The team members who earn their way into this travel opportunity will show exceptional leadership skills and the ability to take initiative,” shared Zack. “These are the executives who are always proactive, and willing to take on any challenge. Along with the chance to network with and learn from the best minds in our field, team members who attend will get a feel for just how big our industry is, and the career options available to anyone ambitious enough to claim them. It really is a lot of fun though, and a way for us to help our associates enjoy some work-life balance.”

“I'm proud that we can offer these incredible opportunities to see the world to our hard-working associates,”

Zach, President

Carthage Management Group’s President Shares Healthy Travel Tips 

“Work-life balance is a Carthage Management Group value that we strive to uphold at all times,” declared Zack. “This includes travelling and enjoying some much-needed downtime, but there’s more to being healthy than just relaxing.”

For instance, when booking hotels for his team, Zack tries to ensure that access to a fitness center is included in the price, be it an on-site exercise room or an option to visit a nearby gym. Also, he does his best to eat healthy while on the road, and get adequate rest as well.

“Those last two are probably the trickiest, because staying up late and visiting all-you-can-eat buffet lines are so easy to do at a business conference. It takes some determination, but if we go into the weekend with a plan to be healthy, we often get more out of the trip and come home ready to jump back into our work with added energy.”

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