E-Commerce Store Offers New Elastic Waist Extenders That Make Tight Pants Fit Comfortably Again


Fort Mill, SC — 11/08/2017 — A South Carolina based clothing accessories store is pleased to announce the introduction of brand new Elastic Waist Extenders to the market. Comfy Clothiers is keen to provide this new product to their customers who wish to regain use of pants that might be just a touch too snug in the waist.

The company is aware that through the holiday seasons like Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, a lot of people put on a few extra pounds. The diet goes out the window as the shop shelves are filled with delicious candy and treats for everyone to enjoy. The seller is sure that there are people rebounding from Halloween trick or treating with the kids and finding that their favorite pants no longer fit so comfortably.

Comfy Clothiers new Elastic Waist Extenders are designed to change that, allowing customers to save money and still wear their favorite pair of pants even if their weight has fluctuated a bit.

The business is aware that there are already waist extenders on the market. However, many of these products have serious quality issues from not being strong enough to stretch to breaking too easily under pressure. Since these products are often flimsy, they expand and stretch out too far, making them useless. The Comfy Clothiers product is made of a sturdier, stronger elastic and will last for a lot longer.

Indeed, the new product has been designed to withstand the stress that may be caused by users bending, sitting or stretching while wearing the elastic waist extender. Comfy Clothiers hopes that this product will give people the chance to find joy in wearing the pants that they used to love but have now become too tight.

The Elastic Waist Extenders are sold in a pack of five in black or a pack of fifteen with mixed colors (black, white and tan). The company hopes this will allow customers to use the product in multiple pairs of pants that may have grown too tight due to holiday treats. Instead of throwing them out, with this product, customers can now still wear their old clothes.

Comfy Clothiers is a brand of clothing accessories that is focused on providing practical solutions to help its customers look great but still feel comfortable.

“We believe there's no need to throw out your entire wardrobe just because you've gained a couple of pounds over Thanksgiving.  But you've also got to wear something the next day, and we want you to be comfortable while doing so,” says Jon Payne, the company's founder.

With their new product, the business aims to take this one step further by keeping older clothes comfortable for a lot longer, saving customers money on fresh purchases and wearing the clothing that they have grown accustomed to.

The Elastic Waist Extenders aren't just for those who have gained a few pounds.This product could be beneficial to pregnant women to help them still fit into their old clothes and avoid pregnancy wear during the first trimester or two. Also, it could be used by anyone who experiences periodic swelling and bloating in the stomach region and hates when their pants squeeze their bodies too tight. With new Elastic Waist Extenders that will be an issue of the past.

More information on Comfy Clothiers' Elastic Waist Extenders can be found on the company website. Alternatively, the brand can be contacted directly with the information provided below.

Jon Payne
Company: Comfy Clothiers
Address: 105 Stone Village Drive, Fort Mill, SC 29708, USA
Telephone: 877.628.5825
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.comfyclothiers.com/collections/pants-extenders

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