EPIC Hybrid Training now accepts Bitcoin and NewYorkCoin as payment


EPIC Hybrid Training fitness centers (2 locations in Manhattan) is now offering their clients the ability to quickly and easily pay with NewYorkCoin (NYC). NYC is a digital currency with 30-second confirmations which makes it ideal for retail-level use. The NYC network has no network fees, which means NYC enables free worldwide remittances. NYC is a fair-launch, no pre-mine true cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin but with much faster transaction confirmations and absolutely no network fees (to send and receive NYC worldwide). NYC has a proven blockchain since 2014. Customers paying with NYC at EPIC will receive a 25% discount off their monthly bill (up to $100 per paying customer) during the NYC 25 ADVANTAGE promotion.

NYC offers solutions to many of Bitcoin’s usability problems. Launched in March 2014 by an unknown developer as well, NewYorkCoin offers faster transaction times, absolutely no network fees and very low difficulty scrypt mining.

Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency and launched in 2009 by an unknown developer by the pseudonym of ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. With 10-minute block times and frequent network traffic jams, Bitcoin is just not practical for payment in time-senstive transactions. Bitcoin is more geared toward larger money transfers in a relatively short period of time without use of any banks or governmental agencies. Bitcoin enables a bank on your phone. And offers the unbanked worldwide money transfer. But the fees that were once reasonable have skyrocketed as mining difficulty is now approaching astronomical levels.

Let’s take a closer look at NewYorkCoin (NYC) and it’s very attractive specs.

30-second blocks mean the NYC network confirms a transaction every 30 seconds. This fast block time allows businesses to accept NYC for time-sensitive daily transactions. Paying for lunch, groceries, gas, dry cleaning, parking meter, etc can now all be accomplished using NYC. Waiting for a 10+ minute Bitcoin confirmation (that usually takes over 40 minutes) is just not practical for a majority of consumer purchases. NYC is worldwide cryptocurrency ideal for retail level use and daily time-senstive transactions.

There are absolutely no fees to use the NYC network (send or receive NYC worldwide). This is the only cryptocurrency offering free worldwide money transfer. Did that register? NYC OFFERS FREE WORLDWIDE REMITTANCE. The worldwide remittance market is over $500 Billion USD annually. NYC can do to Western Union and Moneygram what Netflix did to Blockbuster. NYC enables no cost worldwide money transfer that is near instantaneous. This spec by itself makes NYC superior to ALL other cryptocurrencies in existence. NYC is not an ICO selling a dream. NYC enables free worldwide money transfer right now. NYC is a secure payment system with a proven track-record since March 6th, 2014 that has operated flawlessly with minimal support.

Low difficulty mining means less powerful, lower cost equipment, using much less energy are required to confirm NYC transactions and keep the network running. NYC code has Kimoto Gravity Well (KGW) built in which automatically adjusts after every block based on amount of mining hashrate on the network. This constant adjustment is designed to keep the mining difficulty much lower than other scrypt coins such as Litecoin and Dogecoin. By keeping mining difficulty so low, NYC is ensuring the network can remain absolutely free of charge with block rewards in themself providing miners a sufficient return for their mining efforts. Without the neccessity for users to pay miners an additional fee to verify their transactions.

Download Coinomi Wallet (beta), link is available at nycoin.net, and head on down to EPIC Hybrid Training (2 locations in Manhattan). The owner of EPIC stated “our staff has now been trained how to accept NYC digital currency and we’re all very excited to support New York’s growing cryptocurrency community.”

As of this writing, Bitcoin had a market capitalization of $234 Billion USD. NewYorkCoin had a market cap of $36 Million USD. With NewYorkCoin now getting real-world acceptance in New York City, I can’t imagine this large valuation gap will remain for too much longer.

Media Contact
Company Name: NYC
Contact Person: Adam White
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 212-222-0265
Country: United States
Website: http://nycoin.net/


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