Everything SneaKey Fights Plastic Bag Crisis with New Reusable Bag

SneaKey Bag

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It takes 500 to 1,000 years for plastic to degrade, and more than one million plastic bags are used every minute worldwide. Statistics like these show the state of crisis our environment is in resulting from the high use of plastic bags.

In an effort to combat the negative impact plastic bags are having on the environment, entrepreneur Jordan P. Vappie has invented the SneaKey Bag. This clever product is a reusable shopping and utility bag disguised as a lanyard worn around the neck. It allows users to carry keys or an ID badge and then transform it into a reuseable bag that can be used in virtually any situation – holding groceries, hauling sports gear or even transporting laundry.

Plastic bags used in most grocery and convenience stores are creating a serious problem for the environment. They engulf landfills, pollute oceans and kill marine life. The problem is so serious, some states charge customers a fee to use plastic bags, and in certain countries, plastic bags are illegal.

SneaKey Bag eliminates the need for these environmental hazards and offers a more eco-friendly alternative that ultimately ends up paying for itself. The durability of SneaKey Bag allows it to hold up to 200 times its weight and size – perfect for heavier items, like milk, melons, meat, and juice, that usually end up getting either double-bagged or not bagged at all. After those big trips to the grocery store when there’s simply too many bags to carry, keeping SneaKey Bag in its lanyard form allows shoppers to use it as a handle. This feature transforms many bags into one load that can be carried over a shopper’s shoulder.

In addition to its superior durability, what makes SneaKey Bag unique to other shopper/utility bags is its practicality and convenience. It doubles as a lightweight lanyard, transforming between the two simply and in a matter of seconds. It also comes in a variety of colors and designs, allowing it to serve as a fashionable accessory.

Sneakey Bag is perfect for those who want to reduce their plastic imprint on the environment and help eliminate the astronomical problem of plastics that are destroying our lands and oceans. For more information about Sneakey Bag, visit http://www.sneakeybag.com.

Jordan P. Vappie serves as the co-founder and chief innovation officer of Everything SneaKey. A natural problem solver, Jordan has been tinkering with products for years. When the New Orleans native moved to Los Angeles to continue a career in fitness, he began toying with ideas to help clients get the best workouts possible. He eventually invented two fitness products – the Straight Line System, featured in QVC in 2012, and the JBX system. Since then, Jordan, along with his business partner, Heath Butler, formed Everything SneaKey in 2016 to serve as a home for other creative initiatives.

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