FitBit – Top Health and Wellness Product of 2018


    LOS ANGELES, CA, December 31, 2017 — Fitbit has taken the health world by storm. It can track your sleep, monitor your heart rate, count your steps and do so much more. The original version was released in 2013 and since then, Fitbit has released a number of new versions that have made it one of the most popular fitness tracking devices available on the market. If you're wondering how the Fitbit is superior to its competitors continue reading to learn more. This article is going to discuss the different options of Fitbits that are available on the market and their unique features to help you get a better idea of which version is best for you. 2018 is going to be a big year. Along with Fitbits, it is anticipated that supplements like turmeric and Moringa will skyrocket this year. To learn more about how to choose the safe and right supplement for you and to known your different options click here to find out more information about research verified reviews that can help you navigate the wide world of health supplements.

Fitbit Zip
Fitbit Zip is the cheapest available option. Priced at only $59.95, if budget is a big factor, this may be the right fit for you. It's capabilities are limited when compared to other Fitbit options but it does have the ability to track your calories, steps and distance. It is unique to other Fitbits because it is not designed to be worn on your wrist, rather it comes with a silicone clip that can be clipped onto your shirt, belt, bra or any other garment you desire. It is good for fitness enthusiasts that want to stick to a budget and don't want the Fitbit to take up space on their wrist. If you are looking to lose weight this can help you calculate how many calories you have lost a day. The battery life is expected to last four to six months.

Fitbit Blaze
Fitbit Blaze is one of the more extensive Fitbit devices available on the market. Priced at $199.95, the Fitbit Blaze will track your steps, stair climbing, heart rate and sleep. You can also wirelessly use it to sync to hundreds of devices, including your Iphone or Android, control your music, get smart notifications like texts and emails and connect to a GPS system which is beneficial for mapping out routes. A downside of the Fitbit Blaze is that the battery life is expected to last up to five days which relatively less when compared to other Fitbits.

Fitbit Surge
The Fitbit Surge is one of the most extensive and expensive Fitbit options and similar to a smart watch but at a fraction of the cost. At $249.95, aside for the usal fitness tracking, the Fitbit Surge has caller ID, continuous heart monitoring, music control, GPS tracking, wireless syncing and text notifications. The battery life is expected to last up to seven days. Downsides are that it is not entirely waterproof so you cannot wear it in the shower and it cannot track your fitness while you are swimming.

If you are looking to commit to your health this year, make it a little easier by having the support of a Fitbit. With several options to choose from, you can easily find a version that is affordable right for you!

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