How Aqua Elliptica Will Let the World Walk-on-Water and Take the Elliptical Out of the Gym

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Aqua Elliptica – An extraordinary new watersport


The world’s first elliptical hybrid catamaran SUP is coming soon that will give anyone the amazing opportunity to Walk-on-Water. Although not available to purchase for Christmas 2017, Aqua Elliptica should be a must on everyone’s to-buy list next year, for the best innovative gift.

Aqua Elliptica is an exciting new watersport that has been in development. This incredible device will allow millions of people around the world, young and old, the ability to enjoy the fun, sun, and the outdoors, with an awesome way to experience a Walk-on-Water. This patented hybrid catamaran SUP incorporates the benefit of a full body cardiovascular workout and the thrill of the fastest growing watersport worldwide – Stand Up Paddleboard.

According to Uriel Arad, the inventor, “Aqua Elliptica is for everyone, sports enthusiasts, and even those with arthritis and joint problems. It takes the elliptical out of the gym and brings it to the water. It can be used on any open water – lakes, marinas, rivers, and even the mild ocean surf.” Designed with aeronautical engineering (Arad was an airline pilot), safety, and technology in mind, it is eco-friendly and easy to assemble/dissemble for transport and storage.

The concept starts with two portable floating pontoons which provide a steady platform and an anodized aluminum frame. The steering device handles are connected to the rudder via a flexible drive shaft and differential gear system. The Venturi propulsion system and combined retractable propeller can go up to speeds of 7 nautical miles (10 mph).

According to Outdoor Industry Association, over 146 million Americans participate in outdoor sports in their daily lives and $125 billion is spent on equipment and accessories for these sports. The watersports industry which includes recreational watercraft such as kayaks, canoes, surf, and stand up paddle, accounts for $30 billion of that revenue. According to Surf Industry Manufactures Association, although virtually unknown ten years ago, Stand Up Paddling is the fastest growing sport of all watersports which reached sales of nearly $10 billion dollars. And in 2017, aerobic activity, specifically aquatic exercise, jumped 14.6%.

The company is looking for investors to accommodate the worldwide interest in the product. For more details on the Aqua Elliptica, please visit the company’s website at and email info(at)aquaelliptica(dot)com or contact 818-697-1300.

Karen Meron
New Dawn Media

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