If Your New Year’s Resolution is to Lose Weight, These 3 Self-Hypnosis Techniques Can Help According to Mahesh Grossman of Berkeley Hypnosis & Pain Management

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Studies show hypnosis can make it easier to lose weight and keep it off.

“Hypnosis helps you break your bad eating habits, get in touch with your desire for the healthy food your body really wants, and to let go of emotional eating.”


The secret ingredient for a diet plan to lose weight in the new year could be hypnosis, according to Mahesh Grossman, a professional hypnotist at Berkeley Hypnosis & Pain Management. He says that research indicates hypnosis is extremely beneficial for weight loss. “Studies show that people lose more weight and are more successful in keeping it off for the long term when they use hypnosis than when they try to change their eating habits on their own.”

The reason for this, says Grossman, is that hypnosis affects the way the brain works. “Brain scans at Stanford University show that hypnosis enhances the body-mind connection and makes it easier for the brain to break routines.” Since hypnosis is also known for lowering anxiety and stress, he says it creates a diet trifecta. “Hypnosis helps you break your bad eating habits, get in touch with your desire for the healthy food your body really wants, and let go of emotional eating.”

Most people can use hypnosis successfully. “Studies indicate that two-thirds of people are reasonably hypnotizable,” says Grossman. (For a quiz that rates how hypnotizable you are, click here.)

The best choice is to work with a professional hypnotist. Grossman, however, says that if that’s not affordable, self-hypnosis is a reasonable alternative. “Hypnosis is a form of becoming calm and creating a daydream in your mind, complete with images, sounds and sensations. If you’ve ever felt emotional over a TV show or a movie, or gotten so lost in thought that you missed an exit on the freeway, you are a good candidate for self-hypnosis.”

Relaxing is the beginning step in self-hypnosis. “Take some deep breaths and then daydream about an extremely peaceful place in nature,” Grossman says. “See it, feel it and hear it and become very calm before the self-hypnosis starts.

Here are three techniques Grossman suggests for a New Year’s resolution to lose weight:

1) The “Smush” Method

This technique makes it easy to let go of problem foods. Imagine staring at a movie screen. Pick a problem food that makes weight loss difficult. Experience this food on the left side of the screen with as many senses as possible. See it, smell it, taste it and remember what chewing it feels like.

Next, think of something a little bit gross, like smelly garbage cans, dirty underwear, or the smell of a skunk. Sense this item in the right side of the screen. Remember the experience of what it is like as much as is comfortable

Switch back to the problem food on the left side of the screen. Move it toward the center. Move the gross item on the right to the center as well, and mix them together.

Avoiding this food will be easier from now on. The craving for it will be gone. It will still be edible, but it will lose the specialness that it’s been endowed with.

2) The Endowment Technique

It’s nice to have special foods that can be viewed as a treat. This technique is designed to endow a food as special so that it can replace old favorites that aren’t viable on a diet. Pick a food that has enough pleasurable qualities that, with a boost, it can be seen as something to look forward to, even though it works on a weight loss plan. Think along the lines of something sweet or salty or sour, that is appealing—even tea sweetened with stevia.

Once again, see the movie screen. Picture this food on it. Brighten the color. Surround it with light and special effects like a halo, or sunbeams, or special graphics like the opening credits in a Star Wars movie.

Imagine eating or drinking this food at a time of day or night when it seems important to have something special and pleasurable. Daydream about enjoying it immensely.

During the day, look forward to when you can have this treat.

When that time of day occurs eat or drink this food and feel like it really is special. Repeat this for a few days and a new habit will be born.

3) The Control Room

Imagine ambling down a path in a beautiful place in nature. See, hear, feel and even smell everything that’s present. A flight of ten stairs appears a hundred feet away. Slowly walk down the stairs and notice a sense of deeper relaxation with each step. At the bottom of the stairs is a cottage with a red door. Open the door and go in. Inside is a set of controls—dials or levers. Each dial is for something related to losing weight.They can be for items like exercise, particular foods, and exercise. They may even have numbers, from one to ten. Each dial is movable so that the level can be set to an appropriate amount for its topic. They can be moved in the same way as one would raise or lower the temperature on a thermostat.

The first control is for something to increase, such as the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables that are eaten. Set the control to the number that seems most appropriate. Fully experience this action; see it, feel it and hear the dial move. The next control is for something that would make sense to eat less of, such as sugar. Lower this control to a number that seems suitable. Continue to set dials, being as specific as possible. Set controls for whatever will lead to successful weight loss–even how much water you drink each day. When all the controls have been set, close the door to the cottage and go back up the stairs. Return to ordinary consciousness.

Any time sticking to the weight loss plan seems difficult, picture the dial related to the food or habit that’s troublesome, and re-set it. It will now be easier to stick to your plan. (A full audio version of this technique is available here.) http://berkeleyhypnosis.com/hypnotic-control-room-for-personal-growth

Mahesh Grossman is a clinically certified hypnotherapist and owner of Berkeley Hypnosis & Pain Management. Mahesh specializes in weight loss hypnosis, as well as hypnosis for smoking cessation, pain management, medical issues, anxiety and depression. His personal mission is to help people make the changes they want to experience by breaking through the unconscious material that causes inner difficulties to the unconditional love and joy that lies hidden just below the surface of everyday life. He offers in person sessions in northern California as well as phone and Skype sessions throughout the world. For a quiz to see how hypnotizable you are, click here.

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