New Survey Shows Those with Type 2 Diabetes Struggle to Manage the Condition


PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 30, 2017 — While people with type 2 diabetes understand what steps are needed to manage their condition, many are challenged by the demands of doing so, according to a new Health Union survey, “Type 2 Diabetes In America.”

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as of 2015, type 2 diabetes accounted for 90 to 95 percent of 30.3 million U.S. diabetes cases.

Most patients surveyed said they have tried to make lifestyle changes since their diagnosis, including reducing sugar intake (81 percent); taking medications regularly (79 percent); counting/reducing carbohydrates (69 percent); and adding/improving regular exercise (51 percent).

“There is definitely a misconception that diet causes diabetes and that all a person has to do to 'cure' themselves is to get on a diet, exercise, and lose weight,” said advocate Lizmari M. Collazo. “Type 2 Diabetes In America helps give outsiders a glimpse into how overwhelming this journey of health and management can really be.”

Patients rely heavily on their healthcare provider's recommendation regarding treatment decisions and changes to treatment plans. Frequent topics of conversation within past six months included:

  • Goals in managing type 2 diabetes (59 percent);
  • How/when to take medication (59 percent);
  • Exercise (58 percent); and
  • Diet and healthy eating (55 percent).

“'Type 2 Diabetes In America' illustrates the challenges people living with the condition have to face,” said Health Union CEO and Co-founder Oliver Chateau. “While many respondents are working with their healthcare provider to actively manage their type 2 diabetes, they also express a desire that their doctors 'look past their numbers' and make a stronger attempt to acknowledge their efforts.”

The national survey of nearly 1,600 people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes was conducted June 27-Sept 13, 2017. A summary infographic of the results as is available on and additional details about the survey can be provided upon request.

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