PD1 Pet GPS and Activity Tracker Now Available with Advanced Features and Lowest Cost Networking


For pet owners worried about their pet’s whereabouts, safety and activity, a new pet tracker now makes it a breeze to acquire complete peace of mind. PD1 from PABY is a real time GPS pet tracker which can be used without incurring heavy date use charges, and comes with a network cost of just $2.99 / month, the lowest price for such a service in the US.

The PD1 Pet Activity Tracker and App is a unique dog tracker that takes only seconds to operate and know the location of the pet in real time. Pet owners can see where the pet is at any time on a map, and monitor fitness related activities using the fitness program built in the device. With over 10 million pets reported lost each year, the PD1 is thus a must-have accessory that comes with features such as a LED light and a sound alarm. The combination of light and sound allows pet owners to see and hear the tracker on challenging locations such as the roof or on a dark night outside.

Among its other features, PD1 can be used to set up virtual safety zones (virtual leash). The device promptly alerts the owner whenever the pet crosses the set boundaries or zones. The device can also be shared with unlimited friends and family for better tracking and monitoring of the pet.

“At PABY, we believe that interacting and connecting with our pets helps to improve not only the lives of our furry companions, but also our own. We continuously seek to make technological innovations aimed at keeping our pets happy, healthy, and safe!” said a spokesperson from PABY.

The PD1 pet tracker weighs only 31.6 grams, and is waterproof and non-toxic, can be used with multiple devices, and carries an adjustable band for secure attachment. PD1 GPS pet tracker comes with an exclusive Android/iOS app where the user can see custom reports and alerts. Users can also register their pet’s profile and receive activity recommendations based on the pet’s profile, set up virtual fences, and also prolong battery life with custom settings.

We are a global pet tech company that brings a full ecosystem of products. We offer everything ranging from smart tracking devices, applications and services to pet lifestyle products and accessories. We are dedicated to providing the most innovative technology and products that will help to transform the life of your pet. Paby’s passionate team is focused on the global market, and are committed to sustainable pet care by the use of global talent and resources. Our core team is a combination of the world’s leading professionals, from electronic and telecom engineering to health technology and pet biology.

For more information, please visit: http://www.PABY.com

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