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SAN DIEGO–(Marketwired – November 28, 2017) – Being an Animal parent, it can seem impossible to entertain the idea of leaving your pet behind to find treatment. But what if you didn't have to?

Animal ownership provides immeasurable therapeutic value to addiction recovery patients. Anyone who's ever owned a pet has experienced the stress relieving benefits of a life with their fur buddy. They provide unconditional love and show it when it seems like your hated by everyone. The exercise benefits both you and your pet, play time can be great for your heart. Not to mention the constant companionship. Certain recovery centers allow you to bring your furry best friend, and the benefits to treatment are remarkable.

Pet included therapy allows clients to have their animal with them during their treatment. It gives them the same sense of warmth and comfort many pet owners feels at the end of a long day. Most patients who chose to have their pet accompany them in their treatment process are overwhelmed with joy at the anticipation of being able to have their pet with them during a very difficult time. The therapy works for most addiction problems, pets and drug rehab, as well as pets and alcohol rehab. By the very nature of their presence during treatment, pets become part of the treatment themselves.

Including the immediate physical and emotional benefits, like companionship, exercise, and loyalty, a program that allows a pet gives the patient familiarity and warmth, and allows them to remember their life before rehab. A dog shows approval to the person, even if they are viewed less so by certain people in their life. The addict often reaches a point where fulfilling their own needs, primarily those related to drug abuse, are far more important than those of other people in their lives. Animal therapy can help to restore feelings of empathy to the resident, so that they can relearn the value of having goodwill and being selfless to another. Combining pets and treatment goes beyond giving patients their own living space, and makes them responsible for a life other than their own.

Studies suggest that spending time with a pet can be more beneficial than even opening up to a family member or loved on. It makes sense when you consider how guarded patients with addiction or mental disorders can be. Pets are found to be completely non-judgmental sounding boards for patients fears, complaints and troubles. The combinations of pets and addiction treatment have been dramatically underutilized, despite its proven benefits.

Mental health treatment includes diagnosing mood disorders, such as depression. Pets have been shown alleviate depression by facilitating physical changes in a person. Pets increase chemicals to the brain that promote good feelings, lower blood pressure and endorphin's are released when you pet them. Depression can also often lead to circumstances in which a client will often isolate themselves. Yet with a pet for company, this can help to keep someone engaged who would otherwise keep a distance from others.

Many people that are experiencing dependence on illegal drugs also have other life struggles that cause conflict. Perhaps they are victims of a traumatic experience or physical abuse. These people are often wary of physical touch by others as it can trigger negative emotions felt before. Being in contact with a dog can allow the person to experience a positive sense of touch for perhaps the first time since the traumatic events occurred.

To find a pet friendly drug rehab treatment center near you that allows your pets companionship, please contact The Recover.

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