Plastic Surgery Advice Underlines the Importance of Selecting the Right Physician, says Dr. J Plastic Surgery


There is a great deal about plastic surgery that most people don't know.

While plastic surgeries have never been safer and more effective, the choice of doctor can make a great deal of difference in the final outcome.

A December 11 article on Health & Fitness Cheat Sheet offers prospective plastic surgery patients a detailed summary of the process of obtaining a plastic surgery, explaining aspects of getting a procedure that most media accounts tend to gloss over. In particular, it mentions the important distinctions between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, including the fact that plastic surgeons have to undergo a very specific and rigorous level of training. By contrast, in most cases licensed surgeons are legally allowed to perform cosmetic procedures without any additional training. Beverly Hills based plastic surgeon Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S., better known as Dr. J, says that, while plastic surgeries have never been safer and more effective, the choice of doctor can make a great deal of difference in the final outcome.

Dr. J says that such well known procedures as face lifts, breast augmentations, and tummy tucks may focus primarily on a patient’s appearance, they nevertheless are very real surgeries that require a great deal of experience and skill to perform properly. He adds that, as the Health & Fitness Cheat Sheet article points out, many forms of plastic surgery involve the challenging task of reconstructing parts of the body that have been damaged by injury, disease, or birth defects. Thus, plastic surgeons are able to successfully deal with a wider array of situations that are likely to arise during a procedure.

The plastic surgeon also agrees that it is extremely important for patients to thoroughly research their prospective physician. As a starting point, Dr. J strongly suggests that individuals should only consider working with board certified plastic surgeons; he adds that these are physicians who have undergone a rigorous verification process to ensure that they are fully capable to perform plastic surgeries. Dr. J also agrees that it important to see examples of a doctor’s past work in order to have a clear idea of his or her ability and the most likely possible outcomes.

While it’s only natural to be concerned with the costs of a procedure, Dr. J adds that patients who may be tempted to consider cut-rate options, including medical tourism, should also factor in the far greater costs and dangers that are all too often associated with obtaining procedures from dubious practitioners who may not even be fully licensed medical doctors. Dr. J also notes that revisions to fix botched plastic surgeries can very often wind up costing many times the amount of the original procedure. Moreover, he adds, a truly successful procedure that helps patients look and feel their very best is always the best bargain. The most prudent thing, both in terms of finance and safety, says Dr. J, is to obtain the services of the most reputable and skilled plastic surgeon you can find.

Dr. J is double board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. Readers who would like to learn more Dr. J and his qualifications, and about whether or not a procedure is a good idea for them, are invited to call his office at 310-683-0200.

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