Pride Direct Marketing Ready for 2018 With Team Goal Setting


The Pride Direct Marketing team is getting ready to finish up 2017 on a strong note and delve into the next year with a goal-setting exercise. The Director of Operations, Meghan, said that 2018 is looking like a bright year for the firm with expansion in their sights.

Press Release updated: Dec 29, 2017 09:00 EST

AURORA, CO , December 29, 2017 – ​Meghan indicated that Pride Direct Marketing’s success has risen, in large part, from the organization’s focus and drive. She said that 2017 has been a successful year for her team and they hope to finish on a strong note. Currently, they are highly focused on hitting the ground running in 2018, to make the first quarter of the year a major success.

“In 2017, we really established ourselves as a premier marketing firm in the area,” she stated. “Launching a new division with the Home Services Concierge program was a monumental event that will set the pace for the years to come. As the year comes to a close, I need to make sure my team has a solid foundation of skills to make sure they are prepped and ready for first quarter. First quarter is going to be HUGE!”

Of course, Meghan and the rest of the Pride Direct Marketing team have significant ambitions for 2018 as well. They have started their goal-setting procedure. Most notably, they are planning to launch their home services concierge program throughout the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. Meghan also hopes to empower her team members to take on greater responsibilities in 2018.

“In 2017, we really established ourselves as a premier marketing firm in the area,”

Neghan, Director of Operations

“We are dedicated to achieving growth as a team,” she continued. “Our major aspiration is to open additional branches all over the United States during the next five years. This ambition has defined our culture. We will do whatever it takes to realize our most audacious goals.”

Pride Direct Marketing’s Direct of Operations Discussed Goal-Setting Practices

Meghan indicated that part of the Pride Direct Marketing secret to success is aligning the company’s direction with the personal and professional goals of the team. She achieves this by involving everyone in the strategic planning process.

“I’m asking people to follow me and trust that I’ll help them get to their goals,” she explained. “I want us to accomplish our objectives together. I strive to set a strong example for everyone by making clear my ambitions. Creating an environment in which we can all achieve our goals has helped earn the trust and dedication of everyone here.”

Concluding her thoughts on the company’s path to success, Meghan said, “I think our company name says it all. We take a lot of pride in our work, each other, and our community. This team excites me so much! I am so grateful for their willingness to go into unchartered territory with me in this new division. I see a lot of potential in them.”

About Pride Direct Marketing:

Pride Direct Marketing is a privately owned firm. It has a reputation for producing innovative event-based promotions. The team has years of experience and focused knowledge on the execution of in-person campaigns that yield profit increases fast. Their live approach quickly expands brand visibility and market reach. As a result, they consistently grow their brand roster. The team’s commitment to ongoing coaching and leadership by example bolsters team members’ effectiveness. Pride Direct Marketing has steadily grown to be a recognized industry leader, with core values that ensure continued professionalism. To learn more about their effective model, visit them at

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