Q2i launches Bari-Well, technology supporting bariatric programs and patients with long-term weight loss


BOSTON, Dec. 29, 2017 — Q2i has launched a healthcare team portal and patient mobile app for bariatric patients and their healthcare team designed to enhance program connectivity, efficiency, and success.

The CDC estimates annual healthcare costs associated with obesity-related illnesses are a staggering $190.2 billion or nearly 21% of annual medical spending in the United States. 

Bariatric patient and Q2i's lead developer of the Bari-Well app, Thomas Scott said, “There is more than just the direct medical cost of treating obesity-related diseases. There's a great deal of indirect cost. People often can't reach their full potential in terms of education, employment, mobility, physical activity, and productivity.”

Dieting and exercise are the remedy for most Americans who want to lose weight, but only a minority succeed. Bariatric surgery is an increasingly available option for obese patients who are seeking to put their lives on track to a healthier future as Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurers often pay, calculating that the price of the surgery is less than the cost of a lifetime of chronic disease.

Bari-Well was developed because preparing for bariatric surgery and maintaining weight loss after it can be difficult, and many patients often feel alone and overwhelmed. The mobile app provides features that support patients pre and post surgery, supports weight loss goals, and aids in improved quality of life.

The healthcare team portal enables healthcare teams to log, track, analyze and support patient progress, manage patients' feedback and emotions, post educational materials, and securely message patients.

Thomas Scott added, “As someone who has recently undergone bariatric surgery, it is very rewarding to develop such a useful software solution. Bari-Well provides exactly what is needed to feel supported and succeed in one's weight loss goals after surgery, and I am confident that the patients and facilities that utilize Bari-Well will enjoy a more engaging and successful program and see better results.”

Learn more about Bari-Well: https://q2i.com/bari-well/

About Q2i

Q2i collaborates with multidisciplinary healthcare teams, providers and payers to understand and then realize unmet technology needs. We facilitate improvements in patient care by supporting patients with their treatment plans through better connection and information exchange with their healthcare teams.

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