So Alpha Releases Two New Fitness Products


Press Release updated: Sep 8, 2017 18:43 EDT

So Alpha ( just released several new fitness products that are unlike any on the market.

These new products include the So Alpha Exercise Ball with Resistance Bands, and the So Alpha Dual Wheel Ab Roller. The So Alpha Exercise Ball differs from the typical exercise ball in many ways. It comes with an inflatable stability ring that the ball sits in, and includes two resistance bands that attach to the base. This means customers can not only use the exercise ball in the traditional sense, but with the resistance bands and base, the number of exercises one can perform is expanded to include chest, arms, back, shoulder, and leg exercises. So Alpha also hosts a workout video on their website showing over 100 different exercises that can be performed using the So Alpha Exercise Ball with Resistance Bands. In addition to this, the team at So Alpha have also released a revolutionary dual-wheel ab roller with resistance bands.

The revolutionary dual wheel ab roller includes two resistance bands that attach to your feet and the handles of the ab roller. The dual wheel design eliminates wobble and increases stability and control during your workout. The So Alpha Dual Wheel Ab Roller is great for building and maintaining core strength while targeting your abdominal, shoulders, arms and upper/lower back. The bundle includes two removable resistance bands that easily strap to your feet, giving you the flexibility to control your form while providing ab-targeting resistance.

For more information on So Alpha products, contact Scott Andrews at 844-762-5742 or [email protected]

Source: So Alpha

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