SUBSTANCE Fitness Partners with Upside Group Franchise Consulting to Offer Franchising Opportunities

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SUBSTANCE Fitness, one of Southern California’s hottest boutique fitness studios, is excited to announce they are partnering with Upside Group Franchise Consulting (USG) to offer franchising opportunities to entrepreneurs interested in providing their communities with an innovative, intense, and engaging fitness studio and personalized weight loss management programs.

SUBSTANCE Fitness combines 50 minutes of high-calorie burning exercises with heart rate monitoring to provide members with results and instant feedback. Trainers guide members through a variety of exercises using free weights, calisthenics, TRX resistance trainers, and a number of other high intensity metabolic conditioning movements. All the while, participants are not only being monitored by an expert trainer, but also by heart rate monitoring technology.

Additionally, monthly packages come with expert weight management advice, differentiating SUBSTANCE from other boutique fitness studios that generally only focus on exercise.

Maesa Thanaritiroj and Torrel Alexis, owners of SUBSTANCE developed the concept after having seen firsthand how mismanaged “boot camp style” gyms were in terms of their programming and the way they treated their clientele. “With our experience and the firsthand knowledge of their failures in mind, the idea for SUBSTANCE was born. SUBSTANCE Fitness was started to fill the need of the fitness enthusiast looking for challenging, well-instructed group fitness. At the same time, we wanted to create a bright, clean and welcoming environment where the casual fitness seeker wouldn't feel intimidated.” says Alexis.

Due to their overwhelming success in California and growing reputation for providing an amazing workout, SUBSTANCE is looking to fulfill demands nationally for their brand.

Mario Altiery, President of Upside Group Franchise Consulting, is excited about the potential for the SUBTANCE brand. Says Altiery: “Boutique fitness is an innovative concept that engages and motivates participants far more than big box gyms. SUBSTANCE’s unique workout burns calories and offers a variety of classes and programs for every level of athlete.”

SUBSTANCE Fitness prides itself on offering an “all levels environment” — ranging from the college-level athlete to the novice stepping into a gym for the first time. SUBSTANCE offers a true one-on-one experience in a group setting. While the primary focus of SUBSTANCE may be metabolic and strength conditioning for all levels, SUBSTANCE also offers stimulating yoga, TRX, and cardio-kickboxing classes as well.

About Upside Group:
Upside Group Franchise Consulting is a full service, boutique franchise consulting firm with offices across the country. Upside Group Franchise Consulting offers their clients a full suite of franchise services including innovative franchise marketing programs, outsourced franchise sales, franchise sales training, franchise lead screening, customized franchise documentation, and franchise marketing collateral. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Upside Group Franchise Consulting employees regularly speak at International Franchise Association events and the American Bar Association, serve as contributing writers for several franchise industry publications, and have instructed at various universities.

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