“Success Files,” hosted by Rob Lowe, Features New Content on Healthy Flour Substitutes


Did you know the components added to flour can be toxic? White flour and wheat flour are currently the most common flours found in kitchens across America, neither of which is healthy. Join award-winning actor Rob Lowe, as he hosts a highly educative “Success Files” segment featuring new content on healthy flour substitutes.

Most white flour is bleached and contains gluten. Gluten is hard to digest, and some people are gluten intolerant. There are healthy flour substitutes that are natural and gluten-free. They are made from nuts, soy, and grains. Apart from having different flavors, they increase the nutritional variety in your diet. They include basic gluten-free flour, coconut flour, rice flour, rice flour, oat flour, and more. They have many nutritional benefits. For instance, coconut flour has healthy fats and is high in fiber. It assists in creating a healthy blood sugar level. Sprouted flour doesn’t have phytic acid, and it’s easier to digest and digest the flour’s vitamins and minerals. Cassava flour has low calories, fat, and sugar. It’s rich in Vitamin C which promotes healthy skin, improves the health of gum and teeth and fights free radical damage. Many flour substitutes are healthy and also give you a chance to try different flavors and texture.

Viewers can tune in to “Success Files” with Rob to learn more about healthy flour substitutes. All episodes of “Success Files” meet the standards for public television distribution and viewing and will air to PBS and PTV member stations nationwide.

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