Swhey Products Now Available for Purchase at Thrive Market


BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 29, 2017 — The premium protein supplements from Swhey are now available for purchase at ThriveMarket.com, a popular e-commerce subscription platform focused on sales of nutritional and organic products.

Swhey is a beauty and wellness brand that is dedicated to creating self-confidence in its customers through well-formulated nutritional products. Most people lead busy lives, which makes it easier for them to justify sacrificing important vitamins and nutrients in the name of convenience. However, Swhey's belief has always been that convenience and nutrition do not have to be mutually exclusive. Now its products are available at a brand new online retailer, for added convenience.

“We are thrilled to debut our Swhey supplements on ThriveMarket.com, which is truly an exciting platform in the nutritional products sphere,” said Sam Shah, founder of Swhey. “We can't wait to reach out to more people than ever to teach them the 'Swhey Way,' to improve their everyday health, wellness and nutrition.”

The quality of Swhey's products is based on the high-quality ingredients used. Researchers for Swhey spent a great deal of time analyzing a wide variety of ingredient profiles to determine which would work best in conjunction with each other to develop the most effective formulas possible while still delivering outstanding taste. These ingredients are sourced from farms and vendors across the world.

Unlike other popular protein powders that are sold on the market, Swhey's powders do not have an unpleasant flavor or texture. Instead, they are easily drinkable, delicious and provide outstanding health benefits, including an enhanced immune system, protection against common visible aging signs, a more youthful glow to the skin and a more efficient metabolism.

Swhey's Halo supplement, for example, features a blend of brown rice, whey and plant protein. It has a tremendous amino acid profile and is used to assist in lean muscle tissue formation, anti-aging benefits through additional collagen and increased metabolism to help with weight loss. The organic supplement has just 119 calories per serving, making it a diet-friendly beverage.

“We are looking forward to hearing what ThriveMarket.com customers have to say about our products, and to helping people achieve their nutritional goals,” said Shah.

For more information about Swhey and its products, available now on www.thrivemarket.com, visit www.swhey.com.

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