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    SAN DIEGO, CA, December 31, 2017 — One of the good things about the new year ending is the ability to take stock of the previous year and make changes for the coming year. It may be about making resolutions and promising yourself that this year you'll go off sugar or get to the gym to get to see the better you that you want to be looking at in the mirror.

It's not easy to figure out health related strategies and choices, especially if you've gone through many years of struggling with weight issues. The coming year may include choosing to read more self-help books or deciding to read more about Authority Reports articles on Research Verified to get updated with tips for the new year. You can never be updated with absolutely everything that is being discussed regarding, for example, what is the newest and latest and best strategies for losing weight. There is no end to finding out what you think may really work this time.

Whatever health strategies you decide to try to put forth for the coming year, it's important to make a plan and put it out there as something you'd like to really make happen. We are recommending the following meaningful changes that will improve the quality of your day-to-day life and allow you to feel better and be in a better place overall health wise, and otherwise.

Make Time for Exercise
There is no question that to become healthier in 2018, you need to build time into your life for exercise. It may be walks with friends, a gym membership, taking a class at your local community center, or walking in the great outdoors – but you have to decide to get your body off the couch and moving in some type of consistent way. Today there are so many options for distracting yourself while doing exercise because everyone knows that distraction helps the time pass by. Get some good music, a podcast, or decide you're going to binge watch a show while on any of the exercise machines. Whatever you do, in 2018 you'll need to be up and moving.

Get on a Schedule
For best health tips for 2018, we recommend making a schedule. That's never really a popular idea as there is something very attractive about winging it and going with the flow. But there are times that schedules are really worthwhile. Otherwise, whatever you want to do may not happen, particularly when it comes time to deciding how many times you want to exercise a week, what time you want to climb into bed at night, and scheduling time do community service or volunteering at a soup kitchen or donating blood. Whatever it is, and whatever your priorities are, make a schedule for 2018 and decide what you want for the coming year.

Make Dates
We always talk about planning to see this friend or that relative, but without making a date, our hopes to see the people we love don't always get realized. If you want to take your mom out for breakfast on her birthday, call her up and set up the plan; if your friends all want to get out for a girls night out, book the date and make the restaurant reservation. Make it a priority to see the people you love and want to spend time with. There is a lot of research which shows the value of relationships and friendships in adulthood, and it's vital to your physical health and mental health to be seeing and spending time with the people you love.

Sit at the Table While Eating
In 2018, return to the table for dinner. Family dinners are a thing of the past, and eating on the couch and watching a show has replaced sitting together, eating together, and being together. How much time we spend with our children in conversation has decreased as well, and it is often hard to really gauge the emotional well being of your children. So as part of you best health plan for the coming year, reclaim dinnertime, and reconnect. You'll be glad you did.

Don't Climb into Bed With Your Phone
We are addicted to our phones and we all know it. We hold on to them for dear life as though none of us can imagine being unconnected for any extended period of time. It's not fun to feel this way, but our last health plan tip for the new year is not to be on your phone in your bed. It's no secret that screen before bedtime both messes up your sleep but also how alert you are the next day. Phone time before bed eats away at our sleep time, while the blue and white light prevents our brains from adequately releasing melatonin. This delays how long it takes to fall asleep and messes with our internal clocks.

Cheers to 2018 – it's right around the corner and a new healthier you is there too!

Article by Authority Reports

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