Teleosis Partners with Bauman College and Extends the Reach and Impact of Narrative Health Coaching


Santa Monica, CA, December 26, 2017 — Teleosis Institute, one of the leading organizations offering an extensive Health Coaching curriculum and a first-class Certificate Program, recently partnered with Bauman College. This collaboration is expected to make Narrative Health Coaching programs more accessible to individuals who wish to build careers as Health Coaches and to expand the effectiveness of Nutrition Professionals. Fundamentals of Teleosis’s Narrative Health Coaching curriculum will be integrated within the Bauman College course curriculum in 2018.

Bauman College offers both Natural Chef and Nutritional Consultant Programs. Narrative Health Coaching enhances these programs by teaching Nutritional Consultants effective change strategies for sustaining positive results. Students who become Nutritional Professionals with Narrative Health Coaching skills will be better able to help clients increase resilience and improve healing capacity.

According to the spokesperson of Bauman College, “There is a growing need to enhance the value of our nutrition counselling education programs. Our focus is going to be more on coaching. We will also help our students to make the most of their education and training so that they are able to help their clients to bring a sustainable change in their lives. The Certificate Program in Narrative Health Coaching will help our students to be better skilled and ready to serve clients once they enter into the workforce.”

Teleosis is also planning to take this partnership to a new level by working closely with nutrition professionals. In the words of Dr. Joel Kreisberg, Executive Director at Teleosis Institute, “A majority of modern health issues find their roots in lifestyle and diet. Nutrition and allied health professionals with appropriate coaching skills and tools can better help clients increase motivation and change mindset, resulting in long term, positive health results.”

The Teleosis-Bauman partnership is grounded in a joint effort and commitment to whole foods, nutritional balance, and excellent training curricula for candidates who are pursuing careers as Nutritional Consultants and Nutrition Professionals. That the organizations embrace consistent values promises a rewarding partnership that will yield excellent results.

The potential to impact the lives of Americans plagued by chronic illness is considerable. Costly treatment can be avoided by bringing the focus to healthy eating, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle change. This partnership with Teleosis Institute and Bauman College can bring a radical change that helps empower people to become increasingly and sustainably responsible for their health.

About Teleosis
Teleosis is a renowned institution that trains nutritional and health professionals who wish to pursue careers as Health Coaches. Their Certificate Program in Narrative Health Coaching offers a developmental, balanced and inclusive approach for increasing wellness and fostering sustainable change in the lives of both health coaches and their clients.

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