Viatek’s Debut of the Echelon™ Brand as Well as Their Collaborative Tech with Community-Led Inventor Quirky®, Make Them One to Watch at CES® 2018



Viatek Consumer Products Group, known for their innovative designs and unique products, has hit the ground running and furthered their approach to advanced consumer product solutions with this year’s CES® 2018 showcase. Located in booth 41955 inside the Sands, Viatek’s debut of the Echelon™ brand as well as their collaborative tech with community-led inventor Quirky®, make them one to watch.

The Echelon™ Experience, merges total fitness and technology to create a virtual community where the catch phrase “never ride alone,” is as real as downloading the Echelon™ Fit App and hoping aboard one of their two well-engineered cycles. Available on both Google Play or the Apple app store, Echelon™ Fit allows the rider choices from hundreds of on demand & live classes, scenic rides, yoga, strength training, warm-ups, and more. The Flex Bike is designed to be light weight and portable with a recumbent seat, making it easy to use at any fitness level. For the advanced user, the Connect Bike pairs via Bluetooth with smart phones and tablets so that the Echelon™ Fit App can go further tracking participation, distance, calories burned, and heart rate (with the additional Echelon™ monitor), while linking up with friends via facebook, fitbit®, or Strava. The Echelon™ Experience is truly refreshing and provides all the excitement and innovation of any competitor, but at a fraction of the equipment weight and cost.

Viatek’s relationship with product development brand Quirky® has brought about several unique tech based products for 2018 as well. The recent acquisition of of Lily Robotics Inc. assets has been a perfect fit, especially with additional input from the Quirky® team. Now the proud parents of SEON™ – defined in Old English as ‘to behold’ – the drone that will follow you anywhere is ready to behold, accompany, and capture the user on life’s journeys. “We are happy to announce that Viatek Consumer Products Group has acquired over twenty patents – both design and utility patents, copyrights, software, tooling and all technical designs and know-how from Lily Robotics,” said Lou Lentine, President of Viatek.  “Myself and our engineers have already been to the factory to discuss finalizing the product which everyone preordered from Lily Robotics. We have tested over 70 working units and are pleased to announce the product is functioning very well.  I have personally taken a sample to the beach this summer where the drone followed my family surfing, wakeboarding, spearfishing, fishing, jet skiing, and boating.  It worked amazingly well following the wrist tracker, landing, and taking off in water. You can’t do that with other drones,” Lou Lentine added.

“We made a business decision not to buy the Lily Brand. The brand was purchased by Mota Group., who has recently launched their drone, without the patents and technology.  We preferred to focus our efforts on the technology, where we outbid the Mota Group and GoPro company,” said Angelo Ramsbott, VP of International Sales.   “We know the technology was sought out by many in the industry, and we are glad that LR Holding, our associated holding company, has been able to acquire these assets,” said Angelo.  “The success of Lily was not about the name, it was about the technology and that is what we own.”
“We have already spoken to major retailers around the globe with much excitement.  We are dedicated to ensuring that we bring the highest quality drone to market.” said Christopher Baumunk, Executive Director of Sales & Marketing.  “We can’t wait to get this amazing technology in the hands of everyone!” The new drone will be manufactured and marketed exclusively by Viatek with the features everyone wants including, simple to fly with no controller required; ability to land and take off from the water; similar sleek and sturdy design; amazing high quality photos; great flight time of over 20 minutes; audio recording from wrist tracking device; and some new technology as well. SEON™ will be available to the consumer in May of 2018.

Other innovations include something discovered by Lou at CES® 2017. The Switchflip® by Quirky® is a simple 2-in-1 product which allows you to control as many electrical outlets in your home as you want with one light switch. A year later Viatek has brought SwitchFlip® to life and into the hands of delighted consumers. Additionally, Quirky’s® PivotPower Smart™ is a flexible power bar with a brain that can be controlled and set from anywhere when using the PivotPower™ App or Google’s Alexa. Turning a light on in your home when away, or turning off and appliance that may have been left on, is no longer a concern.

Last but not least in the showcase is Tapology™ by Quirky®, which brings the quality and taste of commercial beverage dispensing systems to the home through aeriation. Each member of the Tapology™ family offers a different elevated experience to the lover of beer and wine. Between the MICRO single chamber micro-foam beer system, the CRAFT double chamber micro-foam beer system, the ENTHUSIAST 6-pack micro-foam beer system, and the CONNOISSEUR wine aerator, Tapology™ has the solution for furthering the taste of any prized brew.

About Viatek Consumer Products Group Inc: Viatek is a world leader of product design, development and distribution of products in over 60 countries. Millions of customers have grown fond of the exciting brands of Viatek, which are distributed to major retailers throughout the world.

Viatek Consumer Products Group and affiliate companies have been developing products since 1992. All Viatek products are available online at and select retailers worldwide.

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