AI Can Help To Discover New Medical Tests


Artificial Intelligence is a big invention in this modern world. It has helped a lot of industries like banking, retail, transportation, etc. AI is now going to find a place in the medical industry.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, it is possible for early detection of diseases and other abnormalities of the metabolism. It will give a special power to the doctors and the medical centers to quickly diagnose some ailments in the patients.

Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to easily integrate higher volumes of data and the subtle patterns. This might not be possible for the humans. Even this subtle pattern can alert the decisions about the important psychological changes that have to be addressed.

Research is undertaken to create a bloodless blood test using artificial intelligence. With the power of the AI, one can easily detect the fluctuations in the potassium levels in the blood. This test can be done by the patients in their home and there is no need to draw blood for it.

With the AI, early detection of the blood potassium levels is possible and thereby preventive measures can be taken soon. By detecting the blood potassium levels early, the medications can be titrated effectively.


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