Bezos, Dimon And Buffet Must Address Excess Medical Care First


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The business heads of JPMorgan, Berkshire, and Amazon have taken upon themselves to change the way healthcare is offered to the employees in the U.S. They want to make it more affordable.

They are looking to use the help of technology to crack the healthcare industry and make it affordable for U.S. employees. It is important that they first think about it with a value-based approach and not just treat it using technology-based approach.

There is no doubt that the efforts that leaders of JPMorgan, Berkshire Hathaway, and Amazon, will put in for creating an effective medical care will bring down the cost of the medications and drugs. But, the main question is whether people need medications at all.

It is important for these business heads to look at options on how to fix and lower the medical care costs. They must have talked with practicing doctors to find out the things that are raising the costs of health care.

Buffett, Dimon, and Bezos must look very closely at how the medical practitioners are taking a look at high value and low-value medical care. They should not just look at a price based medical care, but must consider evidence-based and wisdom based medical care.


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