Canadians Beginning to Petition Government Out of Concern Over Cell Phone Radiation


An increasing number of Canadians are expressing concerns over being exposed to radiation from baby monitors, wireless internet routers, and cellular phones.

Of the last 16 environmental petitions filed, 7 of those were in regards to “concerned potential adverse health effects on humans from radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation from personal wireless devices”.

Some of the submitted petitions expressed concerns over how close people hold cellular devices to their bodies, while one calls for Canada to stop marketing such devices to kids under the age of 14.

Another petition focuses on possible impacts of radiation on newborn babies and the human eye. In fact, one petition asks Statistics Canada to collect data on electromagnetic hypersensitivity as part of its health survey of the Canadian community.

The petitions were submitted by organizations and individuals in Manitoba and Ontario. Health Canada has stated on its website that an increased number of people have reported symptoms they attribute to electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. Such symptoms include fatigue, redness of the skin, nausea, and headaches. However, according to the department, there is currently no scientific evidence showing that exposure to EMFs causes such symptoms.

Health Canada has said the cause of such symptoms is unclear, but could be due to the glare from computer screens or fluorescent lights.

Similarly, the World Health Organization’s website claims there are “no adverse health effects from low level, long-exposure to radiofrequency or power frequency fields” that have been confirmed. In fact, studies conducted to date have never shown a link between normal levels of exposure and increased health risks.

While some petitions filed to the government require multiple signatures, environmental ones do not. The office of the environmental commissioner receives them directly, but none of the recent petitions have received responses.


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