Cigna To Pay $52 Billion For Express Scripts


The healthcare industry in the US is going through a new phase. A lot of people from the non-healthcare sector business are looking to enter the healthcare insurance business to reduce the employee health care costs.

Now, the latest news is that health insurer Cigna has struck a deal with Express Scripts to buy the pharmacy benefits manager for about $52 billion.

This new deal with Cigna comes just after the CVS Health, a drugstore chain, signing a deal to acquire Aetna, a health insurance company like Cigna. The new changes are coming up after the Trump administration made changes to the Obamacare and weakened it. The business executives are looking to cut down the health care costs.

The healthcare space is going through a complete transformation and now it is a very unsettled space. There is a general feeling that the pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are the ones responsible for the exponential increase in the cost of prescription drugs.

The deal between Cigna and Express Scripts comes at a time when there is a new approach to the healthcare sector by a joint alliance of popular business houses Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Chase. They are looking at lower health care costs for all.


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