Doctors Can Use Uber Health For Patient Rides


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Uber, the ride provider company, launched a new platform called Uber health which enables the healthcare providers to book the ride for their patients.

Now the patients will not miss their doctor visit just because they do not have access to rides. There is no need for the patients to have a smart phone to get the ride.

Uber was testing the new platform since last July in association with hospitals and physicians. Hospital staffs can book the pick–up and drop-off for the patients at the expense of the hospital.

This ride providing app will replace the need for taxis and other medical shuttles. This platform offers on-demand ride scheduling, tracking of the ride, and lower patient transport costs.

Every year the healthcare professionals in the nation lose about $150 billion due to missed appointments. The no-show rates in the country are about 30%.

Chris Needham, the Director of Member Health and Wellness at Renown Health in Nevada, has been testing the new app from October last year and found that it is easy and safe to use Uber health.

In the past, doctors had to depend on taxis and had to make the payment in person. There were no methods to track where the person is going and the rates of these taxis were 20% to40% more than the Uber rates.


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