Google To Use AI To Predict Diseases


Researchers at Google are using Artificial Intelligence to predict the chances that a person will suffer from deadly conditions like heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, etc. They were able to determine the health conditions of people by examining the images of the retina of the patient.

Google has presented the findings in an online medical journal “Nature Biomedical Engineering”. According to Google sources, this method will be highly accurate in predicting cardiovascular diseases just like any invasive measures for predicting the disease. However, researchers feel that more studies should be done before practicing it in the medical sector.

Already medical researchers have found out that there is some correlation between the retinal blood vessels and the risk of cardiac problems. Google says that by using the retinal image, they were able to predict which patient will develop cardiac problems in next five years with 70% accuracy. This test is equivalent to the test for cholesterol, which requires blood to be drawn from the patient using a needle.

Google used data of 284,335 patients to conduct the study and validated sets 999 and 12,026 patients.

According to Lily Peng, a doctor and the lead researcher of the Google project, it is too early to say the method is effective as they have used only a small set of data. Peng also feels that AI can be applied in cancer research as well.


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