Harvard Professor Studies About American Healthcare System


Ashish Jha, the health care professor from Harvard feels that the American health care system is leaning towards specialty care. The health care in Western Europe is quite different from that of America as there are more primary care physicians there. This was what Jha thought and talked about the health care system in America.

He, along with two other authors published a paper in the American Medical Association Journal to understand what really is the healthcare spending in the United States. He writes in the journal that the mix of the primary and specialty care in the US looks average.

The numbers of physicians in the US who are primary care physicians are about 43% and carry the same meaning among 11 other countries. This proved to him that the American Healthcare is more or less on the same lines as the health care in other countries, except for a few specific things.

His research shows that Americans do not call upon the doctor more times than people in other countries. The United States comes above average in the MRI scans and knee replacements.

His findings showed that the US was 5 above average and five below average on a list of 10. This clearly shows that healthcare system in the US is pretty average.


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