Health Care Is Suffering At The Hands Of Trump And Republicans


The Congressional Republicans have let go their last chance to build on the Affordable Care Act gains. The government funding package was passed in the Congress without any health deal.

The Trump administration has decided to expand non-affordable care action plans. There is a fear that the premiums would spike by 18%, over and above the medical inflation.

There are also waivers on offer for the Medicaid program by the Trump administration. This means that the enrollment will not be there and the costs for the poor will be increased.

It is up to the states to take action and to think about a Medicare policy for everyone. This will help in lowering the coverage losses and the increase in the premiums. All individuals must be given the right to enroll in a Medicare plan.

At present, the federal program is offering a lot for the seniors through the Medicare. It offers lots of benefits like reproductive health care, dental care and out of pocket cost limit. Extending this policy to the newborns, individuals, and veterans who do not have coverage will automatically place them in the Medicare plan.

With Medicare for everyone policy, the employer-based coverage high premiums can become a thing of the past and the employer coverage can become affordable.


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