Health Issues Increase with Falling Temperature: Medical Experts


The extreme cold weather brings frostbite and other health issues and injuries along with it. Michael Gratson, MD, and physician at the Beaumont Hospital-Royal Oak’s emergency services, says that the hospital expects patients to come in large numbers during the winter season.

The first sign of frostbite is tingling in the tips of the nose, fingers, toes, and earlobes. Later, the skin, blood vessels, tissues, and fluids freeze and this causes numbness. The color of the skin turns pale. Gratson advises people with these signs to use warm towels or blankets on the affected areas. He advises people to seek immediate treatment if they feel that the frostbite is not mild.

Hypothermia results due to drop in the body temperature. Its first sign is shivering. Other signs of hypothermia include sleepiness, stiff muscles, and loss of memory, paleness, and confusion. If so, visit the medical center quickly. People with heart disease need to use masks or scarves while doing activities. Breathing in cold air can result in aggravating angina.

Gratson asks people to check out single neighbors, especially the older and disable people, during the winter season. The community roots need to be given importance here. Taking care of each other can help in a great way.


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