Kevin Love Opened Up About His Recent Panic Attack


Kevin Love, the foreword of Cleveland Cavaliers opened up about the recent panic attack, he experienced and how it has changed his perception of mental health. During a game of this season against Atlanta Hawks, he left the ground as he suffered from breathlessness.

He revealed in “The Players Tribune” that on Nov. 5th, 2017 after the halftime in the game against Atlanta Hawks he had to run to the locker room abruptly as his heart was racing uncontrollably. He said that he fell on the floor of the room and was finding it difficult to breathe.

Love said that he was wondering what was happening as he hadn’t experienced anything like this before in his life. He couldn’t at first understand whether the feeling was for real and later he realized that what he was experiencing was real. He said that the incident made him change the way he thinks about his mental health.

He confessed that he thought mental health problems won’t affect him until that point. He has started visiting the therapist and is dealing with the pent-up grief caused by his grandmother’s death.

Love revealed that he opened up about his issues after Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan recently discussed his anxiety and depression openly.


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