Life Expectancy Drops In The U.S


    For the second consecutive year, the life expectancy of the people has fallen in the U.S. This drop is mainly attributed to the use of alcohol, drugs, and suicides in the country.

    According to reports, the drop was felt more in people belonging to a middle age. White Americans, particularly those living in rural areas are affected more, says the report published in British medical journal.

    In last December, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also reported that the U.S. life expectancy is dropping for the second year.

    Steven Woolf from Virginia Commonwealth University who took part in the study said that there has been a shocking increase in the number of deaths caused by substance abuse and suicides due to despair. He said that the children feel that their dreams are difficult to accomplish and they do not have any better future. The decrease in social mobility is the cause for this thinking.

    The life expectancy was 78.6 years in 2016 which shows a decrease of about 0.1 years than in 2015.

    During 1960, the U.S. was the top nation with high life expectancy. Now, the life expectancy of its people is 1.5 years lesser than 35 other nations who are the members of the organization for economic cooperation and development.

    The study found that the Americans are way behind in health in many areas compared to other nations. Other than these, risky behaviors like drug abuse, high-calorie food intake, and firearm ownership are some of the reasons for the drop.


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