Mariah Carey Confirms She Has Bipolar II Disorder


The popular singer and pop diva Mariah Carey has made it public that she is suffering from bipolar II disorder. She made this news public on Wednesday.

A bipolar disorder is a disorder of the brain that will make a person suffer from shifts in his or her mood, activity levels, and energy and also in the ability to do daily chores. The bipolar disorder person would sometimes feel high and positive and he or she might feel very low and dejected sometimes. The up phase is where the patient will experience an elation and it would turn into a depression in the low state.

Carey is suffering from bipolar II disorder. This is less acute and she might suffer from bad depression phases. The most important thing is that she might not be suffering from the manic phases. She also does not need to be admitted to the hospital immediately for this problem.

This is for the first time that Mariah is letting her fans know about her medical condition. She said that she was diagnosed with bipolar issues in the 2001 diagnosis when she was hospitalized for physical and mental causation.

She also said that she felt very sad and lonely during the low phases.


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