Measles Cases Reported In Newark, Memphis And Detroit Airports


Two international travelers have been confirmed to have landed in US airports with measles. There are reports that visitors visiting Newark, Memphis and the Detroit airports could have been exposed to the measles disease.

The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials have said that people who have taken the mums, measles, and rubella vaccine twice when they were children can be considered to be safe from contracting this disease. Those who have not taken the vaccine as children or who have just received one shot of the vaccine could be victims of the disease. This is the life-threatening disease.

People who visited the north terminal at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport on March 6th afternoon are likely to be exposed to this contagious virus. The symptoms of the disease can be seen in a week’s time.

There are reports that people who were in terminals B and C of Newark Liberty International Airport can be exposed to the measles. They might develop the symptoms as late as April 2nd.

A young child suffering from measles arrived in Newark from Brussels and then flew down to the Memphis International Airport. He also could have exposed other passengers on his flight.

The passengers and visitors at the mentioned times at the airport are requested to seek medical attention from nearby health care centers if they find any symptoms.


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