Mental Health Month To Be Observed In May


Mental Health America is observing mental health month in May. They have been conducting the awareness program since 1949.

The mental health awareness program in May will provide the necessary resources for Americans affected by mental issues. According to the estimation provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 50% of the people in America have been diagnosed with mental disorders at some stage of their lives. This year Mental Health America is raising awareness on the connection between brain and body through a challenge called “4 body 4 mind challenges”. This challenge is a small step to develop a better brain-body connection.

Each day there will be a challenge to make small physical and mental changes. This will help in improving your overall health and well-being. Everyday challenges have a theme. This includes Mindful Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Workplace Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday, Fitness Friday, Stress-Free Saturday, and Sleep Well Sunday.

Mental Health America is providing different resources to educate people regarding mental illness and how to face the challenges posed by this illness. The web page of the center for disease control provides treatment locator tool and other additional information. Mental health issues can lead to suicide. In the USA, suicide is a major cause of death among people and especially among youngsters. By knowing the signs of mental illness and suicide tendency you will be able to help a family member or friend.


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