New NGO Concentrates Efforts on Mental Health


    Mental health has been understood to be one of the major factors that affect an American’s way of life. In fact, the extent to which one realizes his goal is also dependent on this issue. This is why a new NGO known as Journey’s Dream wants to help millions of Americans. The organization was founded by some mental health enthusiasts including Journey Shay Montague-Bauer, who is believed to have also faced the challenge.

    The organization wants to provide facilities for Americans to help them combat the problem.

    To kick off its services, Journey’s Dream has organized a celebration on November 4. The event, which was tagged “Soldiers of Hope”, featured some important personalities in mental health, live music, and some free at-the-spot services. The new organization drove home the point that ill mental health is curable.

    The event took place between the hours of 4 PM and 8 PM at the Midway Room, Soldier Field, Chicago.

    There were no fees required for entry at the gates even though donations were welcomed. The enter promo code for the event was ABC.


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