President Trump Repeals Obamacare


The President of the United States, Donald Trump, announced his decision to repeal Obamacare mandate during his first address to the state of the union. Elected officials of the state and other guests were present during the address.

With Obamacare mandate, everyone should have an insurance or have to pay a penalty along with the tax. According to Trump, the penalty is the core of the disastrous mandate. He added that the penalty is a cruel tax addition on Americans earning less than $50,000 per year.

The President feels that forcing the people to pay a high penalty just because they could not afford the health plan ordered by the government is cruel. This appears as an overstatement by Trump.

Actually, health insurance was more affordable than the ACA or the Affordable Care Act for the Americans coming under the low-income category. Over 6 million people in the state are eligible for financial assistance. More than 3 million people are able to buy at least the bronze health plan without paying any premium for the year 2018.

Some people need to pay a small amount as premium. Many of them do not feel the plan is worth the money.

Larry Levitt, Executive Vice President of the Kaiser Family Foundation, said that the core of the mandate is expanding the medical aid and providing subsidies to the people to afford the insurance.


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