Serena Williams Suffers Health Complications


Serena Williams, the U.S. tennis star, who gave birth to her first child, recently suffered health complications. She had to opt for an emergency C section as her heart rate plunged to dangerously low levels during childbirth.

Though the cesarean was successful, she had to fight the pulmonary embolism, which made her undergo multiple surgeries.

Williams, 36, said that it was an amazing feeling to hold daughter Alexis Olympia on her chest just seconds after she was born. Soon everything went bad. She suffered shortness of breath at the hospital. She had blood clots in the past, but was not taking blood thinning medicines due to C-section.

Serena immediately informed the nurse that she needed IV heparin and CT scan. However, the nurse thought that Williams is speaking under the effect of pain medication. But, Williams insisted on taking a CT scan and heparin drip between the gasps.

The CT showed many small blood clots settled in her lungs and she was given blood thinner IV.

The pulmonary embolism caused coughing spells leading to the opening of her surgery wounds. She had been taken to the surgery room once again. The doctors detected hematoma in her abdomen during the surgery. She was taken to the surgery for the third time to insert filters in the major vein to prevent the blood clots from reaching the lungs.

She returned home one week after the surgery. Serena was advised bed rest for the next six weeks.


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