The Cost Of Prescription Drugs Is Escalating


The cost of the drugs in America is increasing regularly and this has now turned out to be an important political issue. More than 75% of the people living in America have said that the cost of the prices of prescription drugs is unacceptable.

The tracks contribute a lot of shares towards the total health care costs. The retail drugs now account for 10% of the health care cost. These percentages do not take into account the chemotherapy and the other drugs that the doctors administer to the patients.

The Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, the Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and the President of United States Donald Trump have all said that reducing the cost of the drugs is their major goal.

But, nothing is being done on this account and the administration has released some plans in February, but nothing has been said about the price of the drugs.

The price of the drugs in the US is based on demand and supply. The drug industry has always said that the efforts to reduce the cost of the price of the drugs would be a threat to innovation. It is important for the consumers to be better advocates for any of the reforms to become a reality.


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