Trump Signs Veteran Mental Health Support Legislation


The President of the United States, Donald Trump, signed a legislation that offers mental health benefits to the veterans in the military service as well as civilians. He wants to offer better mental health support to the aged people in America. This is a bid to reduce the suicide rates among the new veterans and military retired people.

There are reports that the veterans who left the military service are more likely to commit suicide than the ones in the duty. About 20 percent of the veterans who have retired from their military service are from trauma hit areas like Iraq and Afghanistan. They are bound to suffer from depression and stress.

The President has directed the Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security and the Defense departments to come out with a plan within 60 days. The plan must offer easy access to mental health prevention for the veterans and also offer suicide prevention resources. Trump said that the veterans needed special and rich care.

David Shulkin, the Veterans Affairs Secretary, has promised that they will start to offer mental care for all the service members in about 60 days. The departing service members will be pre-enrolled in the mental health services before they retire from military service.


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