UMC’s Contract With Mazars Face Protest


    The United Medical Center’s board last week approved a contract worth $5 million with Mazars USA. Now another company which will become the next operator of the medical center is protesting against the deal.

    A D.C based company called FTI health solutions claimed that UMC has violated contract law in their letter to the D.C contract Appeals Board. According to FTI health solutions allotting eight-month contract worth $5 million to Mazars USA is a violation of procurement law in D.C.

    The contract will reach before the D.C council this week. FTI is suggesting the appeals board to cancel the contract and re-compete it. This will prolong the process and new operators can enter the competition. The FTI is not willing to comment on the issue.

    In the protest letter, FTI Health Solutions Managing Director, Tom Layton, claimed that the solicitation and operation procurement processes were highly flawed. Layton added that the district has selected the inexperienced firm to do operator service for the hospital.

    Layton said that Mazars does not show the capability and experience required to operate the hospital, according to the bid proposal. Other companies such as Paladin Healthcare Services, Huron Consulting Group, and El Segundo are also competing to become the next operator.

    According to Mazars officials, FTI has made some factual errors in their protest. The UMC board Chairwoman, LaRuby May and Dr. Konrad Dawson of UMC’s selection committee did not make any comments about the protest.


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